2003 Kansas
Master Teachers

Tina Buck**

Sixth Grade Science and Language Arts
USD 254 North Barber County

Matt Copeland

High School English
USD 437 Auburn Washburn

Connie Ferree

High School Science and Chemistry
USD 253 Emporia

Connie Healy**

Fourth Grade
USD 229 Blue Valley

Pamela Kilgariff

Fourth Grade
USD 229 Blue Valley

Barbara Tims

Fourth Grade
USD 250 Pittsburg

Carol Woydziak

Fourth Grade
USD 250 Pittsburg

Kansas Master Teacher Award

Barbara Tims

Barbara Tims

2003 Kansas Master Teacher

Fourth Grade
Lakeside Elementary School
USD 250 Pittsburg

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Teaching Philosophy

Babs Tims compares teaching to the iconic Kansas occupation of farming.  "Both teachers and farmers make every attempt to give their seeds everything possible to grow to their fullest potential.  Just like the farmer, we have varied success.  But I believe all of them grow in their season, given love and attention," she writes in her educational philosophy.

"I firmly believe that a good educator teaches from the heart not only the head.  Students cannot receive the maximum educational experiences from someone who knows all of the curriculum but does not have a love of children.  I believe that I live by the four philosophies of education, or better yet of life, that my late father instilled in me.  One is that enthusiasm makes a difference.  The second is to teach and live from the heart, not just the head.  The next is that praise is a people changer.  Lastly, my favorite--'In this world, if you are going to a bear, you might as well be a grizzly'."

Honors and Awards

Pittsburg State University Clyde U. Phillips Scholarship Award, 1979
Pittsburg State University Clyde U. Phillips Outstanding Young Educator Award, 1983
Pittsburg Jaycees Outstanding Educator Award, 1986
Pittsburg State University Clyde U. Phillips Distinguished Service Award, 1993
SEK IRA local Nominee for the Eleanor M. Johnson Award for the Outstanding Reading Teacher and the Reading Educator Award, 1994
Kansas Teacher of the Year Region II Representative and Member of the 1995 State Team
Selected inclusion in the Promising Practices a Compilation of Exemplary Teachers in S. E. Kansas
Who's Who Among America's Teachers, 1996 and 2003
Curriculum coordinator of "Just Imagine City" 1998 National Winning Project of The International Students
in Free Enterprise
Anna Fintel Excellence in Education Award 1998
2000 Uniserv Southeast Create APPLE Award

What People Say

"Babs has the ability to draw out a shy child and channel the active student in the right direction," writes her principal Bill King.  "Discipline is never a problem in her classroom as she actively engages the children in learning.  Her classroom is alive with activities.  Babs creates memories for children daily."

According to Catherine Hooey and Tim Bailey, "Ms. Tims truly takes a 'hands on' approach.  After learning about places in Social Studies, she follows up with an activity to allow her students to draw the ideas and concepts together.  For example, after teaching her class about resources, environment and culture of the Pacific West region of the U.S., Ms. Tims organized a luau in which her students tasted Hawaiian food, participated in cultural activities and listened to music.  After studying the American Southwest, the students had a fiesta."