2002 Kansas
Master Teachers

Bev Bertolone

Social Studies Teacher and Chairperson
USD 229 Blue Valley

Barb Fowler

8th Grade Social Studies/History Teacher
USD 253 Emporia

Sue Givens**

USD 382 Pratt

Christine D. Herald

8th Grade Physical Science Teacher
USD 383 Manhattan

Dee A. Moxley

6th and 7th Grade Mathematics
USD 385 Andover

Jan Prather

5th Grade Teacher
USD 490 El Dorado

Alexander Specht**

Science Instructor
USD 367 Osawatomie

Kansas Master Teacher Award

Dee A. Moxley

Dee A. Moxley

2002 Kansas Master Teacher

6th and 7th Grade Mathematics
Andover Central Middle School
USD 385 Andover

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Teaching Philosophy

In her education philosophy statement, Dee describes five teaching pillars which guide her in the classroom:  1) teachers should empower students to develop a love of learning; 2) teachers should find something good in every student; 3) teachers should set high expectations and push each student to reach his/her maximum potential; 4) students learn best when they see how class work applies to their life; and 5) students need to assess and reflect on what they have accomplished.  Dee believes that, "Education is the single most important issue facing our nation today.  Our children are our nation's future.  Education not only involves our children, but parents community, nation, and the ever-expanding world around us.  We must all work together to support one another in the effort to educate each and every student that walks through our doors.  They are our key to the future."

Honors and Awards

Master Teacher Candidate, Andover School District 2001, 2002
Andover Advantage Foundation Grant Recipient, 2000, 2001
STAMPEDE Grant, 1998
Kansas Mathematics Leadership Academy, 1996-97
Math Pilot Project Award, 1996
Golden Apple Award, Andover Middle School, 1994
Texaco Foundation Grant, 1993
USD #385 Andover Mini Grant, 1993
Empowering Students by Empowering Teachers in Mathematics Grant, 1992
Kansas Coaches Association - Coach of the Year, 1973, 1974

What People Say

The assistant principal at Andover Central Middle School said, "Dee sets as her #1 priority - her students.  Whatever she is doing, whether teaching the problem solving method, or keeping a score at a wrestling meet, coaching cheerleading, or dressing as the 'cowardly lion' for seventh grade Kansas Day, she is committed to her students, the subject of math, her school, and the field of education."

A board member and parent described Dee this way, "With an enthusiasm and energy level not known to all middle level educators, Dee transformed my 'strongly dislikes math' daughter to a confident, not afraid of successful math student.  For my 'strongly likes math bored with the routine' son, Dee nourished with ongoing enrichment and challenge that turned math time into an eagerly anticipated learning.  Dee's passion and enjoyment of especially the students and of teaching math provides her a vehicle to connect math learning so that it 'clicks' with genuine understanding and real life meaning.  With her warmth and her winning smile, the classroom is alive with numbers, letters, and symbols that Dee uses skillfully to translate the language of math to be accepted and understood by all."

A current student said, "Mrs. Moxley is one of the best teachers she has ever had.  "She not only explains everything to me during class time, but also will come in early or stay late after school to help me along with my fellow students.  Not only does she help me understand the chapters, but she also makes me feel smart unlike other teachers I've had.  She always has something positive to say, to boost my confidence.  She makes me believe in myself, and have a better attitude towards practically everything in life."