2002 Kansas
Master Teachers

Bev Bertolone

Social Studies Teacher and Chairperson
USD 229 Blue Valley

Barb Fowler

8th Grade Social Studies/History Teacher
USD 253 Emporia

Sue Givens**

USD 382 Pratt

Christine D. Herald

8th Grade Physical Science Teacher
USD 383 Manhattan

Dee A. Moxley

6th and 7th Grade Mathematics
USD 385 Andover

Jan Prather

5th Grade Teacher
USD 490 El Dorado

Alexander Specht**

Science Instructor
USD 367 Osawatomie

Kansas Master Teacher Award

Barb Fowler

Barb Fowler

2002 Kansas Master Teacher

8th Grade Social Studies/History Teacher
Emporia Middle School
USD 253 Emporia

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Teaching Philosophy

Two mottos are displayed in Barb Fowler's classroom:  "We learn from the past in order to have a better tomorrow", and "What can I do to make this a better place to live?"  Barb believes that social studies/history is a class that allows students to look at the world around them and to evaluate the pros and cons of decisions that are being made by government, economic, and social leaders.  Class materials must be relevant to the life of individual students and each student should leave class realizing that they can make a difference in our community and our society.

Honors and Awards

ENEA Master Teacher 2002
National Board Certified Teacher, Early Adolescent/History (earned 2000)
Emporia Public Schools Grant Recipient, 2000
Governor's Teaching Excellence Scholarship, 1999
Presidential Elector, 1996

What People Say

Her building principal distinguished Barb's accomplishments when he stated that she is currently the only Nationally Board Certified Teacher in Social Studies/History in Kansas.

A graduate of the Emporia School District stated, "Mrs. Fowler had the gift of making American History come alive.  One of my favorite assignments was to do a project over some aspect of the American colonial period.  Each student explored this diverse era in his or her own way, encouraged by Mrs. Fowler.  One student worked with her to bring in costumes and clothing from the period.  Two other students learned how to make candles.  Yet another student researched the gallows and execution in colonial America.  Someone else baked dishes characteristic of the time.  I made maps of the American colonies and described their ethnic and political backgrounds.  Mrs. Fowler encouraged each student to explore the history of our country in his or her own unique manner, assisting them along the way.  History is more than just an amalgamation of facts and dates to Mrs. Fowler - rather it is a total experience.  She instills her passion in her students that they, too, may enjoy this 'experience' that is history."

A peer teacher and former student had this to say, "I first met Barb as a 7th grade speech student.  This was her first year of teaching yet she seemed like a pro.  She made us all feel very comfortable with the idea of public speaking.  As everyone knows, this is a person's biggest fear.  I remember giving a speech on King Tut's tomb where I wanted to talk to my props and not at the audience.  Mrs. Fowler assured me that it would be alright and to just talk to her like everyone else wasn't there.  Today I am on the other side of that desk teaching others the things I have learned.  I will never forget that day trying to find the words to describe the tomb, etc.  Barb Fowler helped me find that voice that now my students hear everyday.