2000 Kansas
Master Teachers

Kay Parks Bushman Haas

Language Arts Teacher
USD 290 Ottawa

Tracy Jo Kerth**

Fourth Grade Teacher
USD 229 Blue Valley

Michael R. Schainost**

Science Teacher
USD 367 Osawatomie

Roberta "Robbie" Thomas

K-5 Extended Learning Instructor
USD 385 Andover

Robert James Tindel

Debate/Forensics and Speech Teacher
USD 250 Pittsburg

Deborah B. Wertin

Third Grade Team Teacher
USD 229 Blue Valley

Goldie Wood

English and Spanish Teacher
USD 443 Dodge City

Kansas Master Teacher Award

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Robert James Tindel

2000 Kansas Master Teacher

Debate/Forensics and Speech Teacher
Pittsburg High School
USD 250, Pittsburg

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Teaching Philosophy

"Educating a young person is not difficult to accomplish or to understand if a teacher approaches the process with understanding, love and compassion.  Educating a child is never complete; it must be viewed as a 'work in progress.'  During this process, children must be showered with love and compassion.  At the same time one must evoke in students the following three principles:  a desire to learn, a desire to perform to the best of their ability and a desire for respect in not only themselves, but also for others.

Honors and Awards

  • Outstanding Young Speech Teacher
  • Double Diamond Coach's Award
  • Distinguished Educator Award
  • Consecutive State Championships in Speech
  • National Forensics League Leading Chapter Award
  • Creative Apple Award
  • National Adjudication by International Thespian Society

What People Say

"The success of his students under his tutelage is obvious.  He not only teaches a craft--he teaches, by his high standards and expectations, leadership, responsibility, and self-awareness . . . The highest compliment I can give Bob is to hope that my grandchildren have such a teacher as Bob when they reach high school." 

Cathy AuBuchon, English teacher, Pittsburg High School

"He has a very enthusiastic approach and cannot help but impact the students whose lives he touches everyday.  He demands excellence from his students and to succeed in his class you must strive to achieve this excellence . . . Because, above all else, Mr. Rindel is a teacher that loves to teach and loves to touch the lives of our youth in a positive manner." 

David and Maureen Huerter, parents of current and former students

"The most valuable lesson that Mr. Tindel taught me was to see the talent in all people, and that a peer group does not define an individual.  Today I look hard to see past an initial impression, because everyone has hidden talents, goals, and dreams.  As a result of working with people instead of stereotyping them, I have discovered the ability to harness the energy of the people around me for the purpose of accomplishing a greater goal.  That is a lesson learned that can only be learned from a Master Teacher." 

Timothy C. Pistole, former student