2000 Kansas
Master Teachers

Kay Parks Bushman Haas

Language Arts Teacher
USD 290 Ottawa

Tracy Jo Kerth**

Fourth Grade Teacher
USD 229 Blue Valley

Michael R. Schainost**

Science Teacher
USD 367 Osawatomie

Roberta "Robbie" Thomas

K-5 Extended Learning Instructor
USD 385 Andover

Robert James Tindel

Debate/Forensics and Speech Teacher
USD 250 Pittsburg

Deborah B. Wertin

Third Grade Team Teacher
USD 229 Blue Valley

Goldie Wood

English and Spanish Teacher
USD 443 Dodge City

Kansas Master Teacher Award

Roberta "Robbie" G. Thomas

2000 Kansas Master Teacher

K-5 Extended Learning Teacher
Andover Public Schools
USD 385, Andover

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Teaching Philosophy

"I believe that each child enters my classroom with special 'gifts' to share with me.  These are not wrapped packages in their hands, but the special needs which I should acknowledge and nurture as I work with them.  I feel it is my responsibility as an educator to give them the gifts of the maximum achievement of basic skills and concepts, learning activities at the appropriate level and pace, experiences in creative thinking and problem solving, stimulating imagination, developing independence, and of exposure to a variety of fields of study."

Honors and Awards

  • Wichita Public Schools Distinguished Elementary Teacher
  • Walnut Valley Leadership Award
  • Walnut Valley Membership Award
  • Andover Public Schools Golden Apple Winner
  • KKI--State Scholarship Winner
  • Student Council Tobacco Use Grant
  • District Elementary Nominee to Kansas Teacher of the Year
  • District Nominee for Kansas Master Teacher
  • Southwestern Bell Grant Recipient
  • Who's Who in American Teachers
  • Andover Advantage Foundation Grant Recipient

What People Say

"Robbie is always happy and extends that contagious lust for life to those around her.  She is friendly to everyone and demonstrates the morals and values of an excellent role model for students and fellow teachers." 

Marilyn D. Herr, principal, Andover Intermediate School

"No one can ever replace Mrs. Thomas.  She is the best.  I will never forget her." 

Daniel Trousdale, fifth grader, Andover Intermediate School

"She even takes her personal time to see her students (past and present) participate in their varied activities.  Mrs. Thomas teaches with love, which is above and beyond." 

Aubrey Bamford, sixth-grade student, Andover Middle School