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Kansas Master Teacher Award

2000 Kansas Master Teachers

From left to right: Bill Samuelson, Tracy Jo Kerth, Robert James Tindel, Kay Parks Bushman Haas, Goldie Wood, Michael R. Schainost, Roberta Thomas, Deborah B. Wertin

2000 Kansas Master Teachers

Kay Parks Bushman Haas

Language Arts
USD 290 Ottawa

Roberta "Robbie" Thomas

K-5 Extended Learning
USD 385 Andover

Tracy Jo Kerth**

Fourth Grade
USD 229 Overland Park

Robert James Tindel

Debate/Forensics and Speech
USD 250 Pittsburg

Michael R. Schainost**

USD 367 Osawatomie

Deborah B. Wertin

Third Grade Team
USD 229 Overland Park

* Special Award   

** Black Endowed Chair Recipient

Goldie Wood

English and Spanish
USD 443 Dodge City


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