1992 Kansas
Master Teachers

Beth Bergsten

Library / Media Specialist
Ware Elementary School
USD 475, Geary County

Ernest L. Brown

Biology Teacher
Trego Community High School
USD 208, WaKeeney

Irma Jean Fallon

Kindergarten Teacher
Ogden Elementary School
USD 383, Manhattan-Ogden

Diane Low

South Junior High School
USD 497, Lawrence

Ethel Marie Peterson

Guidance Coordinator
Central and Wilroads Gardens Elementary School
USD 443, Dodge City

Alana Kay Sewell

Third Grade Teacher
Southwest Elementary School
USD 382, Pratt

Joyce Ann Sinn

Ninth Grade English Teacher
Fort Scott High School
USD 234, Fort Scott

Kansas Master Teacher Award


Diane Low

1992 Kansas Master Teacher

South Junior High School
USD 497 Lawrence

For Diane Low, helping students with the difficult transition to adolescence goes hand in hand with teaching Core 7 and English 9 at South Junior High in Lawrence.

Quiet effectiveness is the phrase one nominator used to describe her. She received bachelor's and master's degree in education from the University of Kansas and has taught at South Junior High since 1973. She was named the Douglas County Jaycees Outstanding Young Educator in 1980. Currently, she is on the Board of Directors of the Kansas Committee for the Humanities, teaches Sunday school, is an advocate for the Kansas and national Middle School Association.

Active in local, state and national politics, Low regularly champions the cause of those who do not have a strong political voice of Lawrence their own. One nominator said she simply had a "continual desire to make things better for kids."

One parent wrote that Diane had noted changes in their daughter's behavior which alerted them to make modifications in her medicine dosages.

Colleagues consider her an expert on the use of computers and technology in the classroom. She was the motivation for bringing computers into each 7th grade classroom, beginning a "class within a class" model that places learning disabled students in the regular classroom, and a telecommunications project that links her class with other schools in the country.

"She is one of the movers and shakers in the educational community who gives the rest of us renewed faith that it is all worth it."