1992 Kansas
Master Teachers

Beth Bergsten

Library / Media Specialist
Ware Elementary School
USD 475, Geary County

Ernest L. Brown

Biology Teacher
Trego Community High School
USD 208, WaKeeney

Irma Jean Fallon

Kindergarten Teacher
Ogden Elementary School
USD 383, Manhattan-Ogden

Diane Low

South Junior High School
USD 497, Lawrence

Ethel Marie Peterson

Guidance Coordinator
Central and Wilroads Gardens Elementary School
USD 443, Dodge City

Alana Kay Sewell

Third Grade Teacher
Southwest Elementary School
USD 382, Pratt

Joyce Ann Sinn

Ninth Grade English Teacher
Fort Scott High School
USD 234, Fort Scott

Kansas Master Teacher Award


Ernest L. Brown

1992 Kansas Master Teacher

Biology Teacher
Trego Community High School
USD 208 WaKeeney

Ernest Brown's philosophies of life and teaching are inseparable. A biology teacher at Trego Community High School in WaKeeney since 1970, Brown sincerely believes the future of this planet rests in the hands of this generation of students.

This advocate of "outdoor education" wants to make a difference in the science education and environmental ethics of students so their increased awareness will have a positive effect on the earth. Since 1989, he has taught a methods course at Fort Hays State University.

Fellow teachers say his success is obvious by the number and enthusiasm of students in his classes. His 80-plus member Science Club participates in the Adopt-a-Mile highway program and was instrumental in building floating nesting stirs WaKeeney for the Cedar Bluff Reservoir. Brown earned a bachelor of science degree a t Fort Hays State University and a master's degree in natural science from the University of South Dakota. He was the recipient of a $29,000 Christa McCauliffe Fellowship to develop environmental education and a Toyota TAPESTRY grant to establish a state-wide computer network that links students across the state and their scientific research. He also was the Kansas secondary school representative to the National Governor's Conference in Washington, D.C. in 1990.

A life member of the NEA, he also is active in the Kansas Association of Biology Teachers, National Science Teachers Association, and the Kansas Advisory Council for Environmental Education.