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KMLC Resources



The Kansas Reading Association has several activities available for families to be engaged in reading with their children. Learn more >

Kansas People - full booklet .pdf

The KMLC exists to promote and assist literacy development in Kansas. The worksheets provided below are the individual pages from Kansas People, which is now out of print. These resources are provided to engage children and their parents in not only literacy, but language development and Kansas history and its people. Have fun learning about Kansas and Kansans!

Want to download only specific pages? Click here!

Babies Need Words Every Day Booklist

Need suggestions to read to infants, babies, and toddlers? This list contains more than 90 recommendations in areas ranging from first words to nursery rhymes to daily routines. Click here!

Reading Aloud with Children of All Ages

Have you lost touch with your inner child and need some tips on how to read to babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and Kindergartners and primary school children? Click here!

Engaging Readers: Suggestions and Resources to Encourage Independent Reading

Tips for parents, web sites to visit, how to pick a book, and how to nurture a growing reader are available here.

Why It Is Never Too Early to Start Reading With Your Baby

When parents talk, read, and sing with their babies and toddlers, connections are formed in their young brains. Learn about how these connections are formed. Click here!


Why Read Aloud to Children?


Ten Facts Parents Should Know about Reading


Reading: The Most Powerful Social Force in America!


Reading to babies and infants is not only a way to inspire a love of literacy in infancy but also an important way to grow your babies vocabulary and understanding, and later their speaking vocabulary.


Sharing books with your children can help them learn to talk better and get them ready to listen and learn in school.


Parents today are more pressed for time than any other generation of parents and constantly connected; but all this multi-tasking could also hurt your young child’s ability to learn.


In a world where children are “growing up digital," it’s important to help them learn healthy concepts of digital use. Parents play an important role in teaching these skills.


Why Some Read A Lot and Some Read Very Little


Questions Parent Always Ask about Reading Aloud