Department of
Instructional Design & Technology

Graduate Certificate in Teaching with Technology


Program of Study

Core Courses - 6 Credit Hours

IT 700 Foundations of Instructional Design and Technology 3 credit hours
IT 727 Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching 3 credit hours


Electives - 6 Credit Hours

Select from any of the following elective classes:

IT 712 Moodle Learning Management 3 credit hours
IT 713 Digital Game-­‐Based Learning 3 credit hours
IT 714 Teaching and Learning with Mobile Devices 3 credit hours
IT 718 Powerful Presentations with Powerpoint and Prezi 3 credit hours
IT 719 Teaching and Learning with Photoshop 3 credit hours
IT 720 Digital Storytelling 3 credit hours
IT 727 Accessibility and Universal Design for Learning 3 credit hours
Other Approved Elective: 3 credit hours


NOTE: Transfer Credit will not be accepted toward this certificate.

Grades lower than a C can not be used and must maintain a B average or higher.

All coursework must be completed within 7 years.

Students must complete the Certificate Completion Notification form the semester prior to completing their coursework for the certificate. The form
can be found here.