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Technology in Schools

March 1-2, 2018

IT 743 XA - Graduate, 1 credit

This course is a reflection on attending the Mid-America Computers in Education (MACE) Conference in Manhattan, Kansas on March 1-2, 2018. Attendees will analyze conference sessions, exhibits, informal meetings, and other aspects of the conference in light of their position and personal development goals.

Tuition and Fees*:

*Note: Students must also register for the MACE Conference


Instructor: Dr. Jozenia Colorado-Resa, Associate Professor and Chair, Instructional Design & Technology


phone: 620-341-5477

fax: 620-341-5785

Enroll for graduate credit* directly with Emporia State University preferably BEFORE January 30, 2018*:

Office of Distance Education, 877-332-4249, fax 620-341-5744



*Non-ESU students will need to pay a $25 application fee

*Walk-up enrollment for the class the day of the conference will require students to call the Office of Distance Education and pay for tuition via credit card by phone. 

Visit the MACE homepage


Requirements and Assignments for Technology in Schools

There are 100 total points possible, 50 on Part ONE, and 50 on Part TWO.

Grades will be assigned as follows:

90-100 pts. = A

80-89 pts = B

70-79 pts = C

60-69 pts = D


Part ONE

All students must attend a minimum of five sessions and prepare a report of approximately 100 words on each session, thus, 500 words total words on this section. Both content and grammatical structure will be graded.

Answer the following 4 questions for each session:

  1. Basic description of session and speaker(s)
  2. Reason why session was selected
  3. Reason why session was useful or not useful to you
  4. Possible uses you are planning in your professional situation (not every topic will find uses)

Part TWO

Students must report on two of the five topics listed below.

This portion can be addressed by either a traditional paper, or by using creative media. Some suggestions are PowerPoint, digital photos/video, podcast/vodcast, or web tools such as YouTube/TeacherTube, Prezi, Glogster, VoiceThread, etc. Students are encouraged to be creative.

1. Report on exhibits

This may include a summary of the booths visited; information obtained from the representatives; new products or software; and other aspects of the exhibits. If selected, length of about 100 words if in a written format.

2. Report on general session(s)

This should include the title and speaker(s), main thrust of the session, concepts that may or may not be useful in your professional setting. If selected, length of about 50 words if in a written format.

3. Informal meetings

Oftentimes, some of the best aspects of a conference are the contacts or informal meetings you have. While attendees cannot rely on positive contacts, finding such can make it all worthwhile. There is no requirement that the attendee mention names. If selected, length of about 50 words if in a written format.

4. Report on additional, regular, sessions

Each additional summary will be approximately 100 words, either using the same format as in Part ONE, or constructing a more creative report.

5. "Fun" or "interesting" item(s)

This topic may fit into the miscellaneous category. Again, sometimes interesting and useful knowledge from a conference may not fit into the previously described categories. If selected, length of about 50 words if in a written format.



Assignments must be submitted (email timestamp or postmarked) by Friday, March 30, 2018 using one of the following methods:

- Send assignments as attachments via email to Dr. Zeni Colorado-Resa

- (Preferred) Submit via Canvas Assignment