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Department of
Health, Physical Education, & Recreation

The Department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation (HPER) at Emporia State University aims to prepare quality professionals in the areas of athletic training, health, physical education, sports leadership and recreation, and coaching; facilitate practical and action-based research and scholarly inquiry; and provide cutting-edge and collaborative services in athletic training, health, physical education, recreation and coaching. We embrace and promote lifelong opportunities for discovery, learning, and participation that contribute to healthy lifestyles.

Emporia State is one of only 10 universities in the nation to have its coaching minor program accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Coaching Education. Our athletic training program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education.




Bachelor of Science, Athletic Training
Athletic trainers are healthcare professionals who collaborate with physicians to provide preventative services, emergency care, therapeutic intervention, and rehabilitation. At Emporia State, you learn theoretical concepts and skills related to athletic training in exciting classroom, clinical, and field experiences. Your degree is excellent pre-professional preparation for allied health-related programs such as Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Exercise Science, Human Nutrition, Chiropractic Medicine, and many other postgraduate professional programs.

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Bachelor of Science, Health Education
This degree prepares students to teach health education and one other academic field of their choice. In addition to teaching health in grades K-12, the health education program prepares persons for careers in public health, commercial and private agencies and with county, state, and federal agencies. This program is a second teaching field only and must be taken with another teaching field.

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Bachelor of Science, Health & Human Performance
If you have a passion for helping people live healthy and productive lives, we can prepare you with the knowledge and skills needed to improve their lifestyle choices. With a Health & Human Performance degree from Emporia State, you can be a leader in improving and saving lives, while also contributing to the common good by helping cut the financial impact poor health choices have on society. Employment opportunities for health promotion graduates exist in corporate, clinical/medical, not-for-profit organizations, commercial/private settings and academic institutions.

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Bachelor of Science, Physical Education
Physical education teachers play a vital role in the growth and development of children, helping them to establish healthy lifestyles and integrate fitness into their daily lives. You can shape the future by equipping students with the skills and habits they need to remain healthy, physically fit, and active throughout their lives. Emporia State University offers to options in getting their physical education degree: one is designed for student who wish to teach PE and another academic area, the other is designed to teach PE at the PreK-12 grade level. Both will prepare students to work in physical education and related fields, including employment in the areas of athletic administration, wellness/fitness programs, and various private agencies such as Red Cross and YM-YWCA.

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Bachelor of Science, Sport Leadership & Recreation
The Bachelor of Science in Sport Leadership & Recreation is designed to prepare students for leadership roles in sport and recreation industries. The Sport Leadership & Recreation program has courses focused on sport management, event and program design, revenue management, business law, marketing, and sport psychology. With unique practicum and internship experiences, Sport Leadership & Recreation graduates are uniquely qualified for a wide range of careers in the profession. 

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The Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation offers minors in coaching education, health education, and physical education. Emporia State is one of only 10 universities in the nation to have its coaching minor program accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Coaching Education.

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Master of Science, Health, Physical Education and Recreation
Emporia State University was the first master's degree program in HPER in the United States to be offered completely online. Since its start in 1996, this program remains one of the most respected and well-known online master's degrees in HPER.

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Health Education Licensure
Many teachers want to add additional certification or endorsement areas to their teaching certification. However, many do not have the ability to quit their jobs to return to school. The Department of HPER has created a fully online health education licensure program for teachers already certified or licensed in other areas. The online classes are offered only in the summer.

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HPER Workshops and Events

Possible Career Fields

Are you interested in non-teaching career in the fields of health, physical education or recreation?

Find out more about our degrees in recreation, health promotion, or athletic training. Examples of careers people studying these areas pursue include personal training, physical activity directors in private, public and individual organizations, intramural directors, athletic trainers, camp directors, worksite wellness directors, and program directors and clinicians in health agencies of all types.

These programs can also be considered pre-professional programs for such advanced degrees as physical therapy, occupational therapy, chiropractic, and many other types of allied health advanced degrees.

HPER Contact List

If you are interested in getting more information about HPER's academics programs, contact one of the following:

Department Chair

Dr. Paul Luebbers
Phone: 620-341-5653

Graduate Advisor

Dr. Vicki Worrell
Phone: 620-341-5993

Health Licensure Advisor

Dr. Shawna Shane

Undergraduate Advisors

Mr. Matt Howe - Athletic Training
Mr. Carter Olander - Health & Human Performance
Dr. Shawna Shane - Physical Education & Health Education
Dr. Mark Stanbrough - Coaching Education
Dr. Clint Longacre - Sport Leadership & Recreation

For General Education Requirement

If possible, students should enroll in HL150, Critical Health Issues and Decisions in Society in their freshman year, and PE100, Active Living after that.

Professional Preparation Programs

Through our department programs, students are prepared to teach physical education and/or health education and to coach various sports.

People who plan to teach health education or physical education should follow the degree plan for the Bachelor of Science in Education. Satisfactory completion of the requirements for the BSE degree and successfully passing the required professional tests entitles the graduate to a teaching license (PreK-12) issued by the Kansas State Board of Education.