Department of
Health, Physical Education, & Recreation


Alumni Hall of Honor

The HPER Alumni Hall of Honor recognizes graduates of the Department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation (HPER) at Emporia State University who have achieved prominence in their chosen field or who have made significant contribution to Emporia State University in the form of service to the HPER department. 


Congratulations, 2018 Inductees!
From l-r: John Bell, Gary Smith, Keita Koyama, Jodie Leiss, and Joella Mehrhof.

In 2003 - the first year of the HPER Hall of Honor - 15 Honorees were inducted.

Each year since 2004 five people have been inducted.

Beginning in 2012, an Honorary Inductee has been named; this person does not have to have to be an alum of Emporia State, but rather, someone who has contributed greatly to the success of the HPER Department.


2018 >

John Bell

Keita Koyama

Dr. Jodie Leiss

Edna McCullough

Dr. Joella Mehrhof

Gary Smith

2017 >

Stefanie Cullen

Dr. Jessica Rulon Dain

Mark Padfield

Denise Scribner

Jason Vittone

2016 >

Haley Akin

Kathy Allen

Ken Darting

Ron Nichols

Dr. Kathy Ermler

2015 >

Jim Brown

Kathy Hines

Jeff Hulse

Chat Williams

Dr. Bill Stinson

2014 >

Rick Ginter

Ingrid Knight-Cohee

Dr. Richard C. Morrell

Darrell Patterson

Dennis Weber

2013 >

John Cayton

Robert FitzPatrick

Dr. Paul Luebbers

Steve Pletcher

Dr. George Milton

2012 >

Sharon Colgan

Marilyn Middlebrook

Connie Ronnebaum

Shawna Shane

Marge Stone

2011 >

Martha "Joan" Bailey

Lynn Bott

Jo Flowers

Don Holst

Charles Randy Wells

2010 >

Scott Enge

Bob Fornelli

Bonnie May

Cheryl Pennington

Laurel Sue Smith

2009 >

Steve Hawkins

Rael Hodgson

Kippy King

Peggy Marmet

Deanna Owens

2008 >

John "Doc" Baxter

Wayne Donaldson

Tom McEvoy

Allison Blevins‚ÄźBrungardt

Traci Hammes 

2007 >

Tony Baker

Joan Brewer

Gerald Christensen

Marilyn Denise Hodges

Sherry Nelson

2006 >

Dan Dryer

Brad Jones

Merryl McRae

Barb Rourk

Mark Stanbrough

2005 >

Raymond Blackwell

Barbara Cunningham

Terry DeWeese

Rose Haggerty

Tim Martin

2004 >

Helen Cox

Nancy Curry

Ann Dinkheller

Michael Meadors

Ron Slaymaker

2003 >

Lee Beran

Judith (Cartright) Calhoun

Vickie (Bane) Deines

Michelle DeLisio

Gary English

Deon (Goll) Hall

Norma (Wehking) Hodges

Glen Lojka

Penny Lyter-Antonneau

Rainer Martens

Jeff McAdoo

Garry Patterson

Kelly Rankin

DawnElla (Braley) Rust

Bill Tidwell