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Alvin Peters, NBCT
Director, Great Plains Center for National Teacher Certification

ofc: 620-341-5372
toll-free: 1-877-378-5433
cell: 785-448-4161

Great Plains Center for
National Teacher Certification

What is involved in the NBPTS Assessment Process?

Component One

This component is Content Knowledge.  This component will consist of four (4) parts.  The first part will be a selected response assessment designed to measure breadth of knowledge.  The other three (3) parts will be constructed response assessments designed to measure depth of knowledge.

Component Two

This component is Differentiation in Instruction. This component will require candidates to submit lessons and units they are currently teaching.  Evidence required for the process allows for individual goals, needs and challenges unique to each classroom setting and is presented through narratives, student work samples that demonstrate significant and sustained student learning, and instructional artifacts that support student learning.

Component Three

This component is Teaching Practice and Classroom Environment. This component will require candidates to submit two videos of their teaching. The videos showcase different teaching strategies. The commentaries which accompany the videos demonstrate candidates' ability to analyze and reflect upon their teaching.

Component Four

This component is Effective and Reflective Practitioner. It will require you to gather information from a variety of sources about a class of students, and use your knowledge of assessments and assessment practices to effectively plan for and positively impact these students’ learning. It will also require evidence of collaboration with families, the community, and colleagues and contributions to learning communities to advance students’ growth.

Due Dates and Payments

Application: by January 31, 2019
Portfolio: by mid-May 2019
Content Knowledge Assessment: by June 15, 2019
Fee: $475 per component; by January 31, 2019
Annual Registration Fee: $75; due at the time of application submission
The State of Kansas often offers a subsidy to candidates to help defray the costs. To learn more, click here or contact Nikk Nelson at