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Family Literacy Program


Tutor Responsibilities

  • Attend training sessions 

  • Attend staff meetings


Contact the cooperating supervising teacher(s) to whom you are assigned.

  • Determine your work schedule.
  • Find out the rules of the school.
  • Meet school staff, especially the principal, and visit with all support people.
  • Determine responsibilities.
  • Observe teaching/children when possible and analyze the regular routines so you can fit in to the setting in a manner which is least disruptive to the classroom.
  • Determine your role with the supervising staff and begin planning. There may be a limited portion of your time used for planning and preparation of lessons involved with your tutoring. Be sure to talk this aspect over with your supervisor and put it into your daily schedule (if you are responsible for planning).


Complete daily paperwork and responsibilities:

  • Timesheet
  • Daily log
  • Planning/collection of materials (when necessary)
  • Have the teacher sign your timesheet
  • Be open to suggestions and direction from all supervisors
  • Remember you must spend your time tutoring in areas providing literacy training.
  • Turn in your timesheet and daily logs at the designated two-week deadline.
  • Submit completed evaluation forms as directed.