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Family Literacy Program

Expectations and Tips:

  1. You are a guest in the school and classrooms.
  2. Show respect. Remember protocol.  (Titles  Mr., Mrs., Miss, Ms., Dr.)
  3. Show enthusiasm. Build a rapport and good working relationship with the teacher.
  4. Be quick to listen and observe . . . and slow to speak.
  5. Be punctual.

  6. Act and dress in a professional manner.
  7. Learn the school's behavior expectations and enforce them.
  8. Learn the procedures of the classroom in which you are to work.
  9. Enter and leave classrooms quietly and discreetly.
  10. Be alert to what is needed to be done. 
  11. Keep student information and situations confidential.
  12. Always consult your classroom teacher if you have any questions.
  13. Notify your teacher if you experience any difficulty with a student.

Resource Help

Many commercial games and teacher resources are available through ESU.

  • Flint Hills Instructional Media Center - Visser Hall 226
  • Science and Mathematics Education Center - Science Hall 177


Your future is in the business of educating students.

You are providing a much needed service.