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Elementary Education / Early Childhood / Special Education

Instructional Specialist Program

Program Overview

The Instructional Specialist degree is intended for the teaching practitioner in settings from early childhood through adolescence and young adulthood (EC-YA). Completion of this degree is good preparation for teachers who desire further development as classroom teachers, content area leaders, instructional specialists, coaches, and those delivering professional development.  The candidate will learn to deal more effectively with diverse learners and move from theory to best practice in the field. Candidates may choose from these areas of concentration:

* This program does not lead to a teaching license.


Admission Requirements

The criteria for admission for this program includes the following:

Admission points are assigned on each of the above elements. The stronger the performance, the greater the number of points assigned. Admission points are totaled and admission is determined by a department graduate committee.

Additional information regarding any of the stated criteria is available upon request. Candidates are urged to begin immediately to make arrangements and complete details to gain degree candidacy. APPLICANTS FOR ADMISSION TO DEGREE CANDIDACY MUST HAVE ALL REQUIREMENTS COMPLETED BEFORE THE COMPLETION OF 12 HOURS.


Admission and Retention Policies

Knowledge of and compliance with the requirements are primarily the responsibility of the student. Consequently, careful reading and study of the graduate catalog should be a self-imposed prerequisite for all students applying for admission to graduate study. The graduate catalog is available here.

Application for admission must be made to the Graduate School (see here). Official transcripts of all college credit must be supplied. (Transcripts must include the baccalaureate degree and all transfer credit that is to be applied to the master's degree.)

Upon satisfactory completion of the above requirements, the student will be admitted to candidacy for the degree sought. Candidacy is the formal approval for pursuit of a graduate degree after it is determined that all specified admissions criteria have been met. Students shall continuously demonstrate personal characteristics appropriate to the profession and maintain a 3.00 GPA or better throughout their program.


Length of Program

All work must be completed within a seven-year period.  The seven-year period begins with the semester in which the first course applied to the degree was taken.


Degree Requirements

Instructional Specialist degrees require the completion of 35 graduate hours.

If courses listed were taken as an undergraduate, they must be replaced by additional advisor-approved advanced electives.


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