Department of
Elementary Education / Early Childhood / Special Education

Elementary Education Program

Program of Study

Students seeking a bachelor's of science in education must fulfill the General Education Requirements for Elementary Education Majors. It is very important for all Elementary Education majors to make contact with an Elementary Advisor immediately upon entry into ESU.


Elementary Education Professional Education Requirements

EL 150

Introduction to the Elementary Education Major I

1 hr

EL 250

Introduction to the Elementary Education Major II

1 hr

EL 319

Literacy in the Multicultural Classroom

1 hr

PY 211

Developmental Psychology for the Education Major

3 hrs

MU 124

Basic Music

2 hrs

EL 230

Using Children’s Literature in the Elementary Classroom

3 hrs

EL 312

Integrating Elementary English Language Arts

3 hrs

EL/ED 220

Introduction to Teaching

2 hrs

EL 310
EL/ED 535

Adapting Curriculum for Diverse Learners
Cultural Awareness

2 hrs
3 hrs

EL 350

Mathematical Applications for the Elementary Classroom

4 hrs

IT 371

Advanced Instructional Technology for Educators

3 hrs

SD 550

Survey of Exceptionality

3 hrs

SD 560

Collaborations & Strategies

3 hrs

AR 324

Elementary Art Education

2 hrs

PE 381

Elementary School Health & Physical Education

2 hrs

MU 344

Integrating Music in the Elementary Classroom

2 hrs

Block 1 Courses

EE 311 Elementary Planning & Assessment 1 hr
EE 313 Elementary Reading Methods I 3 hrs
EE 314 Elementary Social Studies Methods 3 hrs
EE 316 Elementary Science Methods 3 hrs
TOTAL 10 hrs


Block 2 Courses

These courses must be completed in a Professional Development School

EE 315 Elementary English Language Arts Methods 3 hrs
EE 317 Elementary Mathematics Methods 3 hrs
EE 318 Elementary Classroom Management 2 hrs
EE 320 Observing Teaching/Learning Models 4 hrs
EE 413 Elementary Reading Methods II 3 hrs
EE 414 Elementary Reading Practicum 1 hr
TOTAL 16 hrs


Block 3 Courses

These courses must be completed in a Professional Development School

EL 466 Student Teaching, Elementary
(Or EL 464 and appropriate LE courses approved by the Elementary
Education Advising Center)
12 hrs
EE 431 Performance Assessment for Student Teaching  0 hrs
TOTAL 12 hrs