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Elementary Education Program


The Block Program

Students pursuing a BSE in Elementary Education must apply for admission to the Block program.

When to apply?

A student should apply for entry to Block 1 the semester before you want to enter.

  • February 1 – Summer Block 1 applications are due
  • March 1 – Fall Block 1 applications are due
  • October 1 – Spring Block 1 applications are due

How to apply?

Instructions for completing the Block 1 application are available in the Elementary Education Advising Center (Visser Hall, Rm 225) or you may download the instruction page containing the information to access the online application. Please follow all directions.

For more information on applying to the Block program, contact Stephanie Perez, 620-341-5770.

Block 1 Admission Requirements
Block 2 Admission Requirements
Block 3 Admission Requirements