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Welcome to the Early Childhood Virtual Art Gallery

Today we celebrate children and their creativity.

Children benefit developmentally from authentic creative art experiences. Even lovely scribbles of toddlers demonstrate pre-writing skills and art elements of shape, line, texture, color, and value.

Benefits include:

  • Sensory experiences (cognitive, physical, emotional)
  • Opportunities to experiment (e.g. science, physics, cause/ effect, invent, discover, cognitive)
  • Spatial relations (physical, cognitive)
  • Planning, sequencing (math, cognitive)
  • Problem solving (cognitive)
  • Motor skills (physical)
  • Eye-hand coordination, perceptual motor skills (physical)
  • Pride, sense of accomplishment (emotional/ social)

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The Artists

The children from the Center for Early Childhood Education (CECE) at Emporia State have created these two- and three-dimensional artworks.

The projects were initiated by Carol L. Russell, Professor of Early Childhood/ Elementary Teacher Education and Fletcher L. Russell, Adjunct Professor of Art, in collaboration with the children and the staff at CECE.

Partial funding came from the Katherine K. White Faculty Incentive Grant Program. Thanks to CECE Director Keely Persinger, the CECE faculty, and particularly Rachel Kottwitz, GTA for Early Childhood Unified program for their collaboration. We also thank Patty Kahn, Art Education Instructor and her art education students who volunteered to assist with the project. However, at the heart of the project are the children of the CECE, who were willing to share their time, talents, and creativity to make the project possible.


Children Inspire Glass 2016
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