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Mission Statement

The mission of The Teachers College and personnel preparation unit is to prepare professionals who provide service to society, apply interdisciplinary scholarly knowledge, engage in effective practice, respond to uncertainty and change, rely on self-reflection and belong to professional community.

Vision Statement

To continue The Teachers College legacy through educational excellence and enhanced presence permeated with leadership, diversity and technology.

Conceptual Framework

The conceptual framework defines the philosophy, purpose, goals and institutional standards of the program and integrates diversity, appropriate technology, and field experiences throughout the education program. 

The graphic below presents the conceptual framework with the six proficiencies, exemplifying initial and advanced programs, defining quality, and preparing professionals for success in a complex, global information society.

The Teachers College Conceptual Framework - The Professional: Serves - provides services to society; Applies interdisciplinary scholarly knowledge; Engages in effective practice; Responds to uncertainty and change; Reflects on self-reflection; Belongs to professional community