Goals for Student Learning

In keeping with the purpose, The Teachers College directs its energy toward student achievement of the goals listed below.

Students will possess the following:

  1. A philosophical foundation that underlies intended professional practice and the ability to identify other compatible and opposing philosophies.
  2. A high level of professional competence through the attainment of knowledge, skills, and attitudes requisite to their chosen specialty.
  3. An ability to use models of professional performance that reflect current theory, research, and practice.
  4. An ability to integrate professional knowledge with essential components of the general education program.
  5. An ability to integrate selected professional knowledge with critical concepts from the supporting professional disciplines.
  6. An ability to integrate professional knowledge with other specialty studies.
  7. An ability to implement non-sexist techniques for meeting the needs of diverse cultural, ethnic, racial, and exceptional populations.
  8. An ability to use appropriate technology in their chosen specialty areas.
  9. An ability to utilize personal characteristics and professional techniques through creative planning for furthering existing and envisioned practices in constituent institutions.
  10. An ability to analyze concepts and clinical practices, to experiment, and to study, evaluate and/or initiate innovative practices.
  11. An ability to identify career goals that are compatible with personal interests, capabilities, and aspirations.
  12. A commitment to ethical professional standards.
  13. An ability to adapt to changing circumstances and take the lead in being change agents.

Students who possess the above-mentioned abilities will be effective practitioners, critical thinkers, and creative planners