Delivery of the Curriculum

Faculty of The Teachers College expect students to meet or exceed established scholastic, professional, and certification standards. In order to deliver curriculum, the faculty provide effective instruction, academic advisement, and personal guidance to students. To accomplish this, faculty participate in a vigorous self-development program which includes scholarly/creative activity, close contact with their professional fields, and the study of methods for continually upgrading the quality of their teaching and other professional interactions with students. The College and University provide the faculty adequate opportunities for self development which include training programs, leave policies, and the funding of professional travel.

Because curricular coherence is essential, faculty members who represent general education, specialty studies, supporting professional disciplines, and pedagogy create and maintain continuous dialogue regarding the content and quality of professional preparation programs sponsored by The Teachers College.

Students formally evaluate courses and instruction; also division administrators assist with development of instructional goals and appraisals of goal accomplishment. Employers also evaluate the performance of graduates of each program.