Department of
Counselor Education


Dual Curriculum -
Art Therapy and Clinical Counseling


This collaborative endeavor between the two programs is designed to allow students to achieve two degrees within three years of study. Through completing a three-year curriculum, students will receive both a Master of Science in Art Therapy Counseling AND the Master of Science in Clinical Counseling. Students interested in pursuing the dual curriculum must apply to both the Art Therapy program AND the Clinical Counseling program.



The mission of the dual curriculum in Art Therapy and Clinical Counseling is to prepare competent professionals who think purposefully, creatively and ethically with a dual professional identity. The dual curriculum is holistic in focus, exposing students to theoretical, ethical, legal, and multicultural components of mental health professions.

We stress the importance of the counselor-client relationship and the psychological constructs involved in the art making and reflection processes. We strive to inspire professionals who will advance both counseling and art therapy theory, practice and research as well as provide service to those in need. By maintaining a low student-to-faculty ratio, both programs provide quality individual attention and help to meet needs of increasingly diverse student body.


Course Requirements

›  AT 718 Art Media and Materials Use in Art Therapy (3 hrs)

›  AT 800 Art Therapy Foundations (3 hrs)

›  AT 801 Group Processes in Mental Health Counseling (2 hrs)

›  AT 802 Developmental Treatment Models in Art Therapy (3 hrs)

›  AT 804 Art Therapy Advanced Assessment and Techniques in Relationships and Families (3 hrs)

›  AT 810 Introduction to Art Therapy Research (1 hr)

›  AT 812 Applied Art Therapy Research (2 hrs)

›  AT 835 Art Therapy Internship (9 hrs)

›  AT 849 Art Therapy Master's Project (3 hrs)

›  AT 850 Art Therapy Thesis (1-3 hrs)

›  CE 708 Multicultural Issues in Counseling and Related Fields (3 hrs)

›  CE 810 Pre-Practicum: Counseling Skills Development (2 hrs)

›  CE 820 Career Counseling and Development (3 hrs)

›  CE 825 Counseling Theories (3 hrs)

›  CE 830 Group Processes in Counseling (3 hrs)

›  CE 833 Diagnosis and Treatment of Mental Disorders (3 hrs)

›  CE 835 Theory and Practice of Appraisal in Counseling (3 hrs)

›  ER 851 Research Design and Writing (3 hrs)

›  MH 700 Introduction to Clinical Counseling (3 hrs)

›  MH 770 Relationship and Family Counseling (3 hrs)

›  CE 890 Administration in Clinical Counseling Programs (2 hrs)

›  CE 898 Practicum in Clinical Counseling (3 hrs)

›  CE 899 Clinical Counseling Internship (1-6 hrs)

›  PY 520 Statistics I (Thesis Option Requirement Only) (3 hrs)

›  RE 670 Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Counseling (3 hrs)

›  RE 832 Psychosocial Development and Disability (3 hrs)

Advisor Approved Electives (5 hrs)


Total Hours Required = 85