Department of
Counselor Education


Clinical Counseling Program


Program of Study

Begin Course Sequence

The Clinical Counseling program includes a logical and developmental course sequence for both full-time and part-time students.  The course sequence guides your program of study and degree plan.  Students are encouraged to begin their course work with several foundations courses, which serve as pre-requisites for Practicum coursework.  


CE 833 Diagnosis and Treatment of Mental Disorders 3 credits
CE 893 Ethical/Professional and Legal Issues 3 credits
CE 810 Pre-Practicum—Counseling Skills Development 2 credits
CE 825 Counseling Theories 3 credits
If not previously taken, the student MUST be enrolled in CE 830: Group Processes in Counseling concurrently with the practicum.


It is required that you meet with your faculty advisor in your second semester of the program in order to develop an official degree plan that will be submitted to the graduate office.