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This website serves to inform stakeholders on the quality of the educator preparation programs at Emporia State University. Included are data for the Eight Annual Reporting Measures as required by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation, the accrediting body for Education Preparation Providers.  This data, in addition to other data collected by The Teachers College, is used to guide continuous improvement.


ESU Site Visit Schedule

Self-Study Introduction


Self-Study Standards

CAEP Standard 1: Content and Pedagogical Knowledge

Official CAEP Standard 1 Wording

CAEP Standard 2: Clinical Partnerships and Practice

Official CAEP Standard 2 Wording

CAEP Standard 3: Candidate Quality, Recruitment and Selectivity

Official CAEP Standard 3 Wording

CAEP Standard 4: Program Impact

Official CAEP Standard 4 Wording

CAEP Standard 5: Provider Quality, Continuous Improvement and Capacity

Official CAEP Standard 5 Wording

Cross-Cutting Theme: Diversity

Cross-Cutting Theme: Technology

Update for NCATE 2011 Visit Area for Improvement (AFI)


SSR Addendum

CAEP Web Site

EPP’s Eight Annual Reporting Measures


Approximate Accreditation Timeline

March 2018

EPP submits Self-Study Report (SSR) to CAEP
March-July 2018 State/National Review Team Assigned
Team reviews SSR and prepares Formative Feedback Report (FFR) for EPP.
July 2018 EPP receives FFR and prepares SSR Addendum.
No later than 90 days following receipt of FFR EPP submits SSR Addendum to CAEP.
July 1-September 1, 2018 Solicitation of Third Party Comments: The EPP and CAEP publicly announce the upcoming accreditation review and the date the site visit to provide time for interested stakeholders to make comments.
September 2018 Pre-Visit Phone Call
November 4-6, 2018 Site Visit Team on campus to conduct interviews and prepare initial report.
December 2018 EPP receives initial Site Visit Report:
The Visitor Team identifies the extent to which evidence supports each standard, including any particular strengths or deficiencies. The Visitor Team provides a written report to the provider and the Accreditation Council that includes a summary team evaluation of the completeness, quality and strength of evidence for each standard.
Within 7 days of receiving initial visit report EPP submits factual corrections.
Within 14 days of receiving initial site visit report EPP submits rejoinder. Lead site visitor can submit response to rejoinder.
Semester following visit Accreditation Council meets and reviews case.

Note:  EPP = Education Preparation Provider (Previously known as the Unit; refers to The Teachers College)