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Office of Field Placement and Licensure

Restricted Licensure Program




The alternate route is the option that works for me because it allows me to teach subject matter in which I have earned a baccalaureate degree while pursuing a master's degree in education. ESU's program provided me with the guidance, support, and community necessary for me to be successful in my first year. I would choose it over and over again.


I appreciated being treated like an adult whose meaningful experiences and knowledge from my prior profession was an asset to the classroom. ESU's curriculum and "hands on" approach gave me the best opportunity to succeed in education.


Elizabeth is an A+ teacher! I am continually impressed with both her subject knowledge and educational approaches.


The quality of the alternate route licensure program at ESU is impeccable. The professors we work with support us every step of the way, offering words of kindness, encouragement, and gratitude. Once in the classroom, we received constructive advice and mentorship throughout the year that helps us better ourselves as individuals and as teachers.


Emporia State University's Alternate Route program has changed my career path and therefore my life. ESU provided an opportunity of education no other school could compare to. The program allowed me the freedom to still be the mother I needed to be for my 3 young boys, work to help support our family financially, while at the same time obtain the education I needed. The mentoring programs, as well as knowledge of the ESU professors and advisors, essentially have been the assets I needed to be a successful teacher. Without ESU's program I would not be where I am today.... changing the lives of young people!


Erin is by far the strongest student teacher I've had the joy to work with.  The department has fully embraced her as a member of our teaching staff and we are stronger for her joining our team.   


Entering ESU’s Alternate Route Program was a life-changing decision for me.  ESU offered courses to thoroughly prepare me for the professional and content areas of my teaching career, but more importantly provided staff resources to contact with any questions or situations that arose during my coursework and first year of teaching.  The advice and suggestions that were offered were invaluable, and helped mold me in to a more effective teacher than I would have otherwise been.  Periodic observations from ESU University Supervisors provided well thought-out comments, and suggestions, which in turn benefited my students.  Additionally, the support and constant contact that I received from Emporia State’s staff was priceless.  I would recommend Emporia State’s Alternate Route Program to anyone wanting to make a positive difference in students’ lives, while bringing past experiences from alternate professions to the classroom.