Information for Alternate Route Students


  • Before signing up for the education classes required in the Alternate Route Program, please register for graduate school.  Go to the website, click on “Graduate Students” under the picture, when that screen comes up, click on “Apply Now” in the left hand column, then click on “Graduate Application”, fill it out and when you come to #18, select “OR” then “Licensure Program Sought”—the pull down choices include Alternate Route teacher, school counselor, and library/media.  Select the one you’re going for and you’ll be in the correct program and I’ll be assigned as your advisor.  The cost to enroll in graduate school is $40.
  • Cost of the program is the cost for credits:  For the 2014-2015 academic year it is $227/graduate credit hour for online courses plus $75 fees/credit = $302/credit hour.  The 9 credits of education classes are graduate credit so that is $2,718.   Internship is completed during the first year of teaching which is 12 credit hours for a total of $3,624.    During your internship you will pay $60 for the scoring of your Teacher Work Sample (TWS) and $125 to help with supervisor costs.  The grand total will be approximately $6,527. The Board of Regents could change the cost/credit, so this is an approximate cost. 
    If you need to apply for financial aid, contact their office, 620-341-5457.  Elaine Henrie is the director and can be contacted via email at  You need to be enrolled in 6 graduate credit hours during the fall or spring semesters or 5 graduate credit hours in the summer to qualify for financial aid. 
  • If you want to start taking some education classes, ED 840 Managing a Classroom (2 hours) is offered in the Spring and Summer.  ED 841 Essentials of Curriculum Design (3 hours) is offered online Spring or Fall.  Registration begins in October for spring classes and in March for summer and fall classes.  If you want to register for the two education classes, our office will have to enroll you as those classes are set up as “closed” so other students cannot register but we will need notification from you.  You must be in the XB sections.   The other two classes SD 550 Survey of Exceptional Child (3 hours) is offered every semester and SC 719 Creating Classroom Climate (1 hour) is offered online in the spring and summer.
  • You’ll need to take the Praxis content area test before the state department will issue a restricted license. You are encouraged to take this test as soon as possible, go to  Please note that many of the tests are available in both paper & computer formats.  The content and scoring methods are the same but there are different test code numbers depending on the type of testing format.  Be sure to review the Educational Testing Service (ETS) website to obtain the correct test code number.  Also, please note that the testing dates are subject to change by ETS so be sure to check the ETS website for current testing date information.  The 2015 test dates are currently available on the ETS website.

ESU must be a score recipient.  Our code is 6335.  Register online at

Also, the Principles of Learning & Teaching (PLT) must be taken and passed.  The PLT must be passed by the end of the 1st year of internship. 

  • You can register on that site and see sample test questions for your content area—select “for test takers” then “prepare for test” and “test at a glance”. If you’re missing some content area, we seriously recommend you study or if possible take a course in that area. In social studies, you will have history and some geography questions so if that is an area you haven’t had coursework, you may want to take the test early just in case you don’t pass and you can retake it before the deadline. You will need to pass this test before the State Department will grant a restricted license.  The cost for the tests is on the website.
  • Start checking for job openings.  Teacher/school counselor/library media specialist listings are at on employment or  It’s appropriate to contact schools in a location where you’d like to work to check on any possible job openings.  Most job openings won’t appear until Spring.