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Co-Curricular Learning & Development Model

The Division of Student Affairs contributes to the mission of Emporia State University through programs and services intentionally designed to support and impact student learning and development. Through the purposeful design and delivery of a diverse range of co-curricular learning experiences, we both support and compliment the learning that takes place through the academic curriculum. The model below represents our approach to impacting and demonstrating student learning in the co-curriculum.
Student Affairs Co-Curricular Learning & Development Model

The interior of the model represents our five learning themes. These are broad learning areas which guide the development of our programs, services, and learning experiences. Within each theme are several learning outcomes which more narrowly define the dimensions of each theme that we believe are most crucial to our work.
The exterior of the model outlines the eight steps which guide the intentional and purposeful design, delivery, and assessment of learning experiences which aim to impact learning and development within each of the five themes.