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#18061, Election Commissioner

Job Type: Regular
Wages: Min. Wage ($7.55/hr - Undergrad; $7.70/hr - Grad)
Job Begins: 11/13/2017
Work Schedule: [Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri] - 10 hrs/M-F; Flexible
Job Duties: The Election Commissioner duties will include but are not limited to, preparing all Associated Student Government election information for Presidential, Vice-Presidential and Senatorial candidates; distributing election regulations to candidates; making sure candidates uphold these regulations; administering fines when/if regulations are violated; helping to publicize elections; encouraging all students to vote during the week of elections. The election commissioner will be expected to attend bi-weekly Senate meetings and weekly Cabinet meetings during employment period. Report to the President. The President and Vice President have the right to assign duties as necessary. The Election Commissioner will receive training from and work with the President and Vice-President for Associated Student Government.
Minimum Qualifications: Maintain a 2.75 GPA, except for first-semester freshmen. Be a full-time student.
Special Comments: Applications are due: November 9th, 2017.
Download Application: Student Job Application
Application Submission: [Please hand deliver your application form to the contact's office below or please email your application form to contact's e-mail address below.]
Contact Name: Megan McReynolds
Contact Number: 620-341-5481
Department: Center for Student Involvement
Contact E-mail: