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#18052, ASG Legislative Director

Job Type: Regular
Wages: Min. Wage ($7.55/hr - Undergrad; $7.70/hr - Grad)
Job Begins: 10/02/2017
Work Schedule: [Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri] - Flexible/ 10 hrs/ week
Job Duties: Attend the monthly Kansas Board of Regents (KBOR) meetings with the ASG President, as well as the Students’ Advisory Committee (SAC) meetings held in Topeka, KS. Attend the Pre-KBOR briefing sessions with the ASG President. Attend the Post-KBOR de-briefing sessions as necessary. Transportation and lodging will be covered. Assist SAC in planning a state-wide lobbying day, known as Higher Education Day. Assist the Legislative Director of ESU in planning and executing a lobbying day specifically on behalf of ESU at the State Legislature. Stay in regular contact with all local delegations to the State Legislature. Attend the Emporia Commission meetings as necessary. Compile and present a bi-weekly update at regular ASG sessions, advise ASG President and Vice President on pertinent issues, and communicate with appropriate stakeholders. Responsible for organizing and compiling all bills, resolutions and other legislation for the end of year Legislative Summary. Create press releases to be issued to the Emporia State University student body as needed. Attend the ASG Senate, Cabinet, and other assigned meetings.
Minimum Qualifications: Maintain a 2.75 GPA, except for first semester freshmen and be a full time student
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Download Application: Student Job Application
Application Submission: [Please email your application form to contact's email below]
Contact Name: Jacob Miller
Contact Number: 620-341-5481
Department: Center for Student Involvement
Contact E-mail:
Office: ASG office- Center for Student Involvement