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Residential Life Themed Floor Communities

Take Learning Outside of the Classroom


The Scholar Residential Learning Community provides an experience that compliments classroom learning. This supportive, living-learning environment will promote scholarship and dialogue among residents while cultivating relationships with faculty and staff. The overall residential experience will be enriched through opportunities for social engagement, cultural and personal growth, leadership development and collaborative efforts. This is an academically-focused community with a connection to the Honors Program at Emporia State University. You do not need to be a member of the Honor's College to be in the Scholars Community!

Mission of Honor’s College

The Honors College at Emporia State University will prepare students to be agents of change for the common good in their respective communities.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of living in the Scholar Residential Learning Community, residents will be able to:

  • Identify and develop skills that will support and enhance academic achievement
  • Discuss soci-cultural, ethical, and global issues as they relate to or connect with classroom instruction
  • Develop intellectual and leadership competencies through active involvement
  • Participate in creative problem-solving through service learning on campus and within local communities
  • Develop an understanding of how diverse experiences and interactions influence a person’s identity
  • Participate in programming with faculty and staff to discover and understand academic disciplines of interest
  • Develop social and collaborative skills in order to advance their awareness of self and others

Monthly Themes

August: An introduction to the Emporia State University community
September: Getting involved with academic and student organizations/what residents need to be successful at Emporia State University
October: Civic Engagement/Diversity and Identity
November: Study skills and Global Concepts
January/February: Transitioning into Second Semester and Leadership Development
March/April: What Now? – “Transitioning to Second year and completion of Spring Civic Engagement/Service Project
May: Ending the year right