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THRIVE History

The THRIVE program is a student-led peer education program

The Evolution of The Healthy Relationship & Interpersonal Violence Education (THRIVE) Program

The mission of Student Wellness is to provide programs and services that empower students to succeed both academically and personally. Because needs change over time, we periodically reassess our programs to insure that students are participating and receiving information relevant to their interests and needs. In 2007, a group met to discuss current needs and determined that both women and men could benefit from programming aimed at reducing violence and improving relationships. Therefore, to broaden the scope and increase participation, the Women’s Center became the Gender Program.

In 2014, ESU decided to place a greater emphasis on issues regarding sexual violence. Therefore, The Gender Program became The Healthy Relationship & Interpersonal Violence Education (THRIVE) Program. THRIVE is still administratively housed within the Counseling Center. It is our hope to continue the work of providing ESU students with opportunities for enriching their lives and relationships.

Through partnership with SOS, sexual assault education, violence prevention programs and services are provided to the university campus. This office will continue to campaign for nonviolence on our campus. The goal is to provide ESU students with peaceful ways to handle conflict and raise awareness regarding all types of violence, including dating violence as well as sexual assault.

We also promote programs to increase tolerance among students from different backgrounds and raise awareness of violence that is perpetrated against all genders. We work to be inclusive of empowering all survivors, regardless of gender, sexuality, race, and background.