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Diversity + Inclusion Ambassadors

Ambassadors serve as representatives for the Office of Diversity Student Programs

Diversity Ambassadors Program

The Diversity Ambassadors program gives students from various backgrounds an opportunity to engage in active learning around diversity, equity and inclusion, assist in the planning of cultural heritage months, and be an advocate for the Office of Diversity Student Programs.

Benefits of being an ambassador include:

  • Community engagement (speaking with high school and middle school students from underprivileged backgrounds)
  • A focus on personal and professional development
  • Various leadership opportunities on and off campus

Meet 2018 – 2019 Diversity Ambassadors

Kaleb Barber - He/Him

Major: Business Administration

Favorite artist: J. Cole   

Social justice area of focus: I want to be able to have a beneficial impact or be able to make changes in the lives of people of color for the better.

Abigaile Weiser - She/Her

Major: Sociology 

Favorite tv show/music artist: Bojack Horseman and no favorite music artist but I love alternative music

Social justice area of focus: I care deeply for reproductive rights, lgbtq rights, and disability rights. 

Victoria Gomez-Medina - She/Her

Major: Rehabilitation
Favorite TV show and/or music artist: Bob’s Burgers; Joji
Social justice area of focus: I would like to bring awareness to environmental racism and how it affects our underrepresented population! 

Terraya (Raya) Carter - She/Her

Major: Art Therapy 
Favorite TV show and/or music artist: Avatar the Last Airbender /Tupac
Social justice area of focus: I have a passion for bringing awareness to all underrepresented groups and ensuring that we receive the equality and justice we as rightful citizens deserve.

Kristian Gilmore- She/Her

Major: Sociology

Favorite TV Show:  Martin/ Beyoncé

Social Justice: Mass shootings of unarmed black individuals

Jacob Miller- He/His

Major: Communication w a minor in Ethnic & Gender Studies

Favorite TV Show and/or Music artist: Big Brother // Nicki Minaj

Social justice area of focus: LGBTQ+ acceptance and rights 

Tiffany Sanders -Her/Hers

Major: Elementary Education

Favorite TV show and artist: The office, and Koryn Hawthorne

Social Justice area of focus: Creating an opportunity for children of all diversity backgrounds to have equal education.

Taylor Lee Her/Hers


Favorite show and artist- A different World and Lauryn Hill

Social Justice focus- Being a voice for underrepresented students. 

Ana Pèrez-Lebron, Her/Hers

Major: Biology
Favorite music artist: Brockhamton
Social justice area of focus: I have a passion for ensuring that students of color that fall under LGBTQ+ have the resources and knowledge they would need to both feel and be safe.