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Diversity + Inclusion

ESU is committed to creating and maintaining a diverse and inclusive environment

Creating and maintaining a diverse and inclusive environment

Emporia State University is committed to creating and maintaining a diverse and inclusive environment that is supportive of, and committed to, the success of all members of the population that it serves, a population that reflects the broad diversity of the human experience.

This diversity includes but is not limited to: differences in culture and subculture, socio-economic class, race/ethnicity/nationality, language, disability/ability, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, political and social ideologies, family background and structure, veteran status and age.

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Men of Excellence Mentoring

This program teams up university black and Latino professionals with incoming male students of color to serve as positive role models

Men of Excellence Mentoring
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A variety of scholarships are available through our office.

Scholarship Page
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Cultural Competencies

Cultural competency provides an effective avenue in closing the disparities gap between communities

Cultural Competencies Page
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ESU creates and supports experiences of spiritual growth, ethical reflection, interfaith and intercultural dialogue, community service and social action.

Interfaith Page
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ESU values diversity of sexuality and gender and see this diversity as a profound gift.

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Corky’s Dreamers

Support for undergraduate and graduate students who are searching for degree programs that don’t require licensures or certifications.

Corky’s Dreamers Page
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Diversity Student Programs

A wide range of programs is offered each year for ESU students.

Diversity Student Programs
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About Us

Learn about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at ESU.

About Us

Academic Inclusivity Statement

Emporia State University supports an inclusive learning environment where diversity and individual differences are understood, respected, appreciated, and recognized as a source of strength. We expect that students and faculty at Emporia State will respect differences and demonstrate diligence in understanding how other people’s perspectives, behaviors, and worldviews may be different from their own.

If there are aspects of the design, instruction, and/or your experiences within this course that result in barriers to your inclusion or accurate assessment of achievement, please notify the unit head (Department Chair or equivalent) as soon as possible, and/or contact the office of the Assistant Dean of Students for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.