John Barnett

John H. Barnett, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Political Science

Sinh Chao, John H. Barnett here. I teach Political Science courses in Public Administration, Comparative Politics, American Studies, Qualitative Research Methods, and Asian Governments. I came to Emporia State University in 2006 and I have enjoyed teaching and contacts with students.

I did my graduate work in Public Policy at the University of Arkansas focusing on Vietnamese Agricultural Reforms during the Doi Moi period. Vietnamese agricultural reforms are a fascinating topic because Vietnam in the last twenty years has been in the top five exporters of rice. In the last ten years Vietnam is in the top five countries for exporting everything. My dissertation explored the country's agricultural policies and their impact on the Vietnamese economy and society.

My ongoing research focuses on rural economic reforms in Southeast Asia, specifically on agriculture, aqua-culture, and forestry policies. Lately I have expanded my research to include domestic security and civil service reform in Southeast Asia. I have lived in Vietnam and conducted research at Hanoi Agricultural University. I am currently working on an article on Women in Agriculture with a focus on Kansas.

I am Vice President of the American Society of Public Administrators Kansas Chapter. I am a board member of the Southwest Conference on Asian Studies.

My phone number is 620-341-5475.
My e-mail address is