Following is a list of just a few of the many careers in social services available to students with a BS or BA degree in Sociology:

Administrative and Fund Raising 
Councils of Social Agencies 
Community Chests 
Coordinating Councils 
Federation of Social Agencies 
Social Service Exchange 
Welfare Council 
American Association of Social Workers 
Negro Welfare Associations 
National Conference of Christians and Jews 

Employment Problems Agencies 
Workmen's Compensation Bureau 
Unemployment Work Relief Bureau 
Vocational Rehabilitation Bureau 
State Unemployment Bureau 
Unemployment Compensation Bureau 
Personnel Department 
Employment Office 

Assistance Agencies 
County or City Home 
Bureau of Public Assistance 
Department of Public Welfare 
American Red Cross 
Salvation Army 
Shelters for Homeless 
Women's Bureau 
Homefinding Agency 

Denominational Social Service 
Catholic Charities 
Church Social Service Departments 
Jewish Welfare Societies 
Protestant Charities 

Physically and Mentally Handicapped Children 
Children with Retarded Mental Development 
Crippled Children's Societies 
Blind, Partially Seeing, Deaf, and Hard-of-hearing Children 
Children's Institutions

Social Research Agencies 
Intergroup Council 
Mayor's Committee on Intergroup Unity 
Public Opinion Research 
Educational Research 
Human Relations Studies 
US Army Research Japan, South Pacific 
US Navy Research Projects 
Morale Divisions 
Statistical and Research Departments 
Research Councils 
National Association of Intergroup Officials 
Government Research Division 

Old Age 
Pension Bureau 
Old Age and Survivor's Insurance Bureau 
Old People's Home 
Private Agencies Working with the Aged 

Group work with Children 
Settlement House 
Boys and Girl Scouts 
Boys' and Girls' Clubs 
Camp Fire Girls 
Community and Neighborhood Center 
Group Work Agencies 
Department of Public Relations, Parks and Playgrounds 
Youth Council 
Nursery School 
Social Center 
Parent Education Association Settlement House 
Department of Public Recreation 
Leisure Time Agencies 

Child Care and Placement 
Heath Association 
Day Nurseries 
Children's Aid Societies 
Foster Home Placement, or Adoption Agency 
School Social Service Departments 
Aid to Dependent Children 
Child Labor Bureau 
Children's Agency

Mental Health Services for Children and Adults 
Psychiatric Clinics 
Child Guidance Clinics 
Mental Hospitals 
Mental Hygiene Clinics 
Veterans Administration 
School Social Service Department

Medical Care Agencies 
Social Hygiene Clinic 
Tuberculosis and Health Association 
V.D. Control 
Disabled Veterans 
Maternity Homes 
Medical Social Service 
Hospital Social Service

Vocational Counseling and Rehabilitation 
Marriage Counseling 
Goodwill Industries 
Salvation Army 
Foreign Relief 
Refugee Service 
Immigration Aid 
Indian Affairs 
International Reconstruction Agencies 
Public Housing Authorities 
Housing Projects 
Financing Agencies and Foundations