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What is CampusPack?

CampusPack is the service available through Blackboard that enables the use of blogs, wikis, journals, and podcasts. You may be familiar with accessing part of it through a link in the course menu labeled "Collaboration Space". CampusPack contains the following spaces:

Course Pages: pages that contain only content for a specific course

Note: This is the page you are directed to when you click on "Collaboration Space" in one of your course menus

Group Pages: pages that contain content created by or for a specific group (i.e. SLIM Support Central) 

Personal Learning Space: a "home-page" for you on CampusPack that allows you to access

  • CampusPack content for ALL of the courses you are enrolled in
  • Personal blogs, wikis, journals, and podcasts created by you
  • Any blogs, wikis, journals, or podcasts that have been shared with you by other users
  • CampusPack groups of which you are a member
  • Settings for your profile

Note: to access your Personal Learning Space, visit the following link:

More information on CampusPack tools will be available after Spring 2014 semester when all ESU courses have moved to the Canvas learning management system.