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SLIM Forms

513 Proficiency Statement Form 

Students must complete this form when requesting waiver for LI513 Information Technology Skills. Students should read the form carefully and complete only if they have experience with each technology listed. Completed forms can be returned using the information listed on the form.

Application for General Practicum Experience

Students wishing to complete practicum experiences must complete this form to obtain approval for a proposed practicum experience. The form must be completed and submitted to the student’s SLIM Advisor along with 1) a Practicum Prospectus (including the professional activities the student will be engaged in during this practicum and the specific knowledge and skills the student will acquire through this practicum) and 2) a current resume.

Transfer Credit Form

Students wishing to transfer in graduate-level credits from another university must complete this form and return it with 1) a brief explanation of how the course complemented or supplemented SLIM’s MLS program, 2) an official course syllabus, and 3) a graduate catalog description of the course. The form should be submitted to the student’s SLIM advisor.

Academic Appeal Form

Students must complete the Academic Appeal Form if requesting a formal academic appeal of a grade. As per the SLIM Academic Appeals Policy, “a student who believes he or she has been unfairly dealt with concerning academic progress” is entitled to request an academic appeal. As is further stated in the Academic Appeals Policy, “the appeal must be initiated within 1 semester after the semester in which the issue occurs.”

Scholarship Application

Students meeting the following requirements may apply for SLIM Scholarships using this form.  Applications are due each year on October 31st.

1. They must be admitted to ESU’s School of Library and Information Management.

2. They must be in their MLS program’s third (or later) semester and have completed at least twelve credit hours of SLIM coursework by the time the scholarship is to be disbursed.

3. They must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 (or higher), which will include fall semester grades.

4. They must be enrolled in at least five credit hours of SLIM coursework during the semester in which the scholarship will be distributed (or at least four credit hours of SLIM coursework if students are in their final semester).

5. They must have no unresolved incomplete grades and/or unresolved Degree Candidacy remediation.

School Library Media Licensure Plan Form

Students pursuing the School Library Media Licensure must complete this form with their SLIM advisor upon acceptance into the program.

Graduate Office Forms

Graduate Admission Application
Application for Graduate Assistantship
Application For Travel Assistance (PDF)
Intent to Graduate Form

Business Office Forms

Petition for Tuition/Fee Adjustment (PDF)