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General Curriculum

Approved 6/14/2013

Course Descriptions
General Practicum Handbook

Required Core Courses (22 Hours)

LI801   Foundations of Library and Information Science (3 hours)

LI802  Information-seeking Behavior and Reference Services (3 hours)

LI804  Organization of Information (3 hours)

LI805   Management and Information Organizations (3 hours)

LI810   Research in Library and Information Science (3 hours)

LI815   Information Technology (3 hours)

LI855   Collection Development and Management (3 hours)

LI880   Capstone Course: Assessing the MLS Experience (1 hour)

Electives (14 Hours)

To complete their MLS degree, students are required to enroll in 14 elective credit hours from the SLIM MLS catalog. A 9 credit hour concentration would apply towards the 14 credit hours of electives.



Students may choose to earn a concentration within the MLS degree. If opting to earn a concentration, students must complete 9 credit hours of prescribed coursework. A 9 credit hour concentration would apply towards the 14 credit hours of electives required for the MLS degree.

Archives Studies
Students learn the basics of archives studies including archives philosophy and ethics, principles of archival organization and development, and techniques of preservation and storage.

LI809   Introduction to Archives (3 hours)

LI818   Archival Arrangement and Description (3 hours)

LI827   Preservation Strategies (3 hours)

Students study interdisciplinary knowledge and problem-solving skills in the rapidly emerging areas of information technology applications. They cover the general theories of information and systems, major techniques of information retrieval and management, and practical skills of communication, problem solving, and project management that information professionals and system analyst should possess.

LI800  Introduction to Informatics (3 hours)

LI819  Information Retrieval (3 hours)

LI887  System Analysis and Design (3 hours)

Leadership and Administration
Students study techniques of leadership and organizational behavior from the standpoint of the information organization, including advocacy for the organization with both internal and external stakeholders and funding sources. Change management and project management theories and techniques are also discussed.

LI850  Leadership and Information Organizations (3 hours)

LI859  Project Management in Information Organizations (3 hours)

LI868  Advocacy and Information Organizations (3 hours)

Youth Services
This concentration is grounded in the recreational, cultural, informational, and educational needs of 21st century youth from birth through the teen years. Students study the selection of a broad range of resources in all media formats to reflect awareness of, and sensitivity to, the social and cultural needs of all youth and the design of reader’s advisory services, library programs, and literacy activities in public and school library settings.

LI829  Resources and Services for Early Learners (3 hours)

LI831  Resources and Services for Children (3 hours)

LI832  Resources and Services for Young Adults (3 hours)