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Kansas Summer Institute is an annual event co-sponsored by the Kansas Department of Education; Emporia State University, School of Library and Information Management; State Library of Kansas; Northeast Kansas Library System; and the Kansas Association of School Librarians. The Institute is an opportunity for pre- and in-service school librarians and educators to focus day one on best educational practices, and day two on reading and writing. Many local, regional, and national school librarian leaders contribute to sharing current inquiry-based learning exemplars. For example, in 2012, reading, text complexity and the growth of comprehension was presented. Participants learned to use a qualitative and quantitative text complexity method to evaluate text, target the reader’s abilities, background knowledge, experiences, interests and needs and to make recommendations for reading materials.

Past guest school library leaders include Steve Del Vecchio, Milton Chen, Judy Moreillon, Buffy Hamilton, Toni Buzzo, Sharon Coatney, and Jody Howard.

Recent guest authors include David Greenberg, Clare Vanderpool, Beverley Olson Buller, Pete Hautman, Anna Dewdney, and Nancy Werlin.

Mirah Dow, Associate Professor at the School of Library and Information Management, said, “As the Institute demonstrates, school librarians are likely to provide an immediate and necessary solution for those who believe the U. S. education system needs an overhaul, not a top down fix. Research and experience shows that state-licensed school librarians and school library media programs are effective in addressing education and workforce issues and promoting student learning and achievement. This is no time to be cutting school librarians.”

American Association of School Librarians

AASL Affiliate Assembly Commendation Recipient 2012

KSISL is co-sponsored by the Kansas State Department of Education; the School of Library and Information Management, Emporia State University; the State Library of Kansas; the Kansas Association of School Librarians; and Northeast Kansas Library System.

This is an official KSDE event.

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