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 Science and Math Education Center
Events - Past, Present, Future!

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September 17-20, 2013 Planetarium Conference
September 27-28, 2013 Fall Semester Open House
Saturday October 5, 2013 Stone ID Day
October 26, 2013 A Night at Powell Observatory, Louisburg, Kansas
December 2013 SMEC Holiday Party


September 17-20, 2013 Planetarium Conference
Susie attended this conference that included planetarium directors, educators, and vendors from all over the U.S. It was a great time to hear special speakers on dark matter, space weather, educational programming, and planetarium equipment.  Numerous previews for planetarium shows and vendor digital systems were given. Workshops showed how to use software programs to create custom shows and what Gottleib Planetarium and Science City have to offer for science educational opportunities.  Informal conversations provided much needed information for considering upgrading planetarium equipment from both planetarium directors and vendors!  We were given a terrific tour of the traveling National Geographic exhibit on Real Pirates and at the conference banquet, an engaging speech by astronaut Clayton Anderson (

WAC 2013 WAC 2013  
WAC 2013 WAC 2013
WAC 2013 WAC 2013
WAC 2013 WAC 2013


September 27-28, 2013 Fall Semester SMEC Open House

September SMEC Open House September SMEC Open House
checkerboardcake September SMEC Open House
September SMEC Open House dirtcup


Saturday October 5, 2013 Stone ID Day

Club members present were Lori Seirer, Dusty Gutierrez, Logan Sleezer, Marie Barlow; also
present were Mike Morales, Susie Aber, and Brenda Zabriske.  Participants in these pictures
are the Hollenbeck family. For the KVOE interview see

Stone ID Day Stone ID Day
Stone ID Day


October 26, 2013 A Night at Powell Observatory, Louisburg, Kansas

Students and faculty came on this field trip to the Powell Observatory on a perfectly clear, cool evening. We stopped for a picnic on the way to the event and after a few wrong turns to view the changing vegetation colors, arrived at the observatory at the opening time of 7 pm.

We saw the International Space Station appear about 7:26 pm, move across the sky from the northwest to the east, which took about 4 minutes in total time visible to us!  We were treated to a satellite view as the device turned its solar panels toward the Sun - this was a bright star-like appearance in the southern night sky, lasting about 1 minute. We viewed Venus through 8 and 16 inch telescopes as well as numerous star clusters. Inside, we viewed star clusters through the 30 inch telescope and heard stories about the telescope construction and past shows given by ASKC. Constellations were pointed out by ASKC members, and a general astronomy lecture was given on the beautiful, spooky looking stars and planets visible at Halloween time! We were only a dozen or so of several hundred visitors present...some in costume!!

Since we viewed this in the night time, no pictures were taken! The pictures below and map are taken from the website,

Powell Observatory Directions
30 inch Ruisinger Telescope

Powell Observatory


December 2013 SMEC Holiday Party!

Bryan, Susie, Sarah

Twas nearly the last day of finals and all through Science Hall
not a creature stirred not even a deer... letl's see how
does that story go?

This is the first annual SMEC Holiday Party to mark the end
of a successful semester! Above are the original August staff,
Bryant Heins, Susie Aber, & Sarah Pick. Right image is
our tree that Santa found! 

Below is our December staff from left to right... Logan Sleezer,
Alyssa Floro, Christian Lollar, Bryan Longwell, Susie Aber,
& Bryant Heins; Chris Hayen and Sarah Pick on in the front.

After eating pizza, enjoying all of Sarah's nutty
chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter balls...
puzzlng over tangrams, and watching the
Simpson's Christmas... we settled down
for some serious gifting!

December staff
Alyssa - Bryan

Students chose from the stash... so who knows if a 
white elephant will appear or what?!

Alyssa leads off choosing... Oooo, just what I wanted?!
Silly string...

Alyssa and Bryan


            Bryan will now be able to identify vertebrates of Kansas. 

Chris, well he has a bit of history in his
hand, as he examines colored chalk
left on an authentic piece of slate chalk board!Chris

               Logan looks on...dreaming of what might be...
                  Then it is his turn and yep, a Genuine
                    petrified golf ball, a.k.a. chert nodule.
                       Wow, Santa knew just what these
                               SMEC students needed!

Chris, Logan, Alyssa


           Bryant looks on as Sarah unwraps minerals!
          And what is that... a real lump of coal. Yahoo!!
           Only students studying in the sciences would
                        appreciate that gift...

Sarah, Bryant

Christian and SusieChristian draws a lucky box of catnip, which he assured us
would be great for his cats! So after a long semester of
organizing and accessing resources as well as giving
planetarium shows, it is time to celebrate and party!

December staff

                                                          Thank you all... happy holidays!!!!