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SLIM Archives Studies Certificate

Archives Studies Certificate

Program description

The Archives Studies Certificate Program (ASC) is an 18-credit hour certificate program through the School of Library and Information Management (SLIM) and Emporia State University’s Graduate Office. The goal of the Archives Studies Certificate Program is to prepare students for a career in an archives or special collections setting. Students learn:

  • ways of providing access to and preserving materials that are of enduring value and serve as the cultural memory of a society;
  • the uniqueness of archives materials and library special collections and the techniques and processes that are necessary to manage and maintain these materials and collections; and,
  • the diversity of the formats in which information is organized and delivered and the resulting complexity of information organization, storage, maintenance, and preservation.

ASC Policies and Procedures

ASC Practicum Handbook

Course Descriptions

Course requirements

Required Course Credit Hours (15 hours)

  • LI809 Introduction to Archives (3 hours)
  • LI818 Archival Arrangement and Description (3 hours)
  • LI827 Preservation Strategies (3 hours)
  • LI873 Archives Studies Certificate Practicum (3 hours)
  • LI885 Bibliographic and Research Methods in Archives (3 hours)
  • Elective Course Credit Hours (3 hours)

LI849 Records and Information Management (3 hours) OR MLS ELective Courses Totaling 3 credit hours approved by the coordinator of SLIM Archives Certificate Program

Total Hours for Archives Certificate: 18 hours

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Admission requirements

Apply to Emporia State University.


If you have any further questions about the ASC email or call 620-341-5203.

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