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School of Library and Information Management (SLIM) Department

Program Outcomes


Graduates of the SLIM Master of Library Science degree program will be able to use these following skills to:

PO1 - Foundations of the Profession

Articulate a philosophy of ethical and client-centered information services for the library and information professions.

PO2 - Information Resources

Explain and implement the development, maintenance, and management of collections and resources to meet specific information needs.

PO3 - Organization of Recorded Knowledge and Information

Explain, use, maintain, and develop systems to organize and retrieve recorded knowledge.

PO4 - Technological Knowledge and Skills

Employ current and emerging technologies effectively for communication, and to search for, identify, repackage, and deliver information resources.

PO5 - Reference and User Services

Retrieve, evaluate, and synthesize information resources to fulfill an information needs assessment; evaluate the usefulness of these resources to the user.

PO6 - Research

Evaluate, critique, and discuss new research in the field; assess library or information problems and identify an appropriate research method.

PO7 - Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning

Demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning by participating in professional development activities and disseminating new information to colleagues and patrons.

PO8 - Administration and Management

Aid in effective and appropriate change in library and information services through collaboration, communication, and collegiality.


As reflective practitioners, graduates will demonstrate the following professional values:

PV1 - Service

Commit to quality client-centered services, advocate for equity and value diversity in its many forms.

PV2 - Leadership

Demonstrate leadership potential, with creativity in problem solving and openness to new ideas.

PV3 - Integrity

Exhibit ethical behavior, knowledge, and attitudes.

PV4 - Mentorship

Guide and teach current and future clients and information professionals to ensure the continued growth of the field.