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Sunflower Gymnastics, LLC

2007 Emerging Business of the Year

At Sunflower Gymnastics “it’s all about the kids.” Owners and coaches, Stacie and David Doemland believe that gymnastics should be taught in a positive, encouraging, challenging, and supportive environment, at a level that is appropriate for each individual student. Their mission is to provide the best quality gymnastics instruction, period! This husband and wife team share core values which support building self-esteem, promoting selfconfidence, building physical fitness, facilitating coordination development, and encouraging independence. 

Both Stacie and David bring great qualities and essential areas of knowledge and expertise. Stacie earned her BSE at Emporia State University and taught in the public school system for four years. She has competed in gymnastics for over 12 years and began coaching in 1993. She has coached both national qualifiers and national champions. David spent 16 years as a photojournalist and started coaching gymnastics in 2004. He brings a keen management ability and aggressive business style to the organization. Together, they have built Sunflower Gymnastics from the ground up.

It began in 2004 in Osage City where they grew from nothing to an enrollment of 80 students before expanding to Emporia. There, they purchased an existing business, substantially improving and expanding it. It was at this point, in 2005, that the Emporia State University KSBDC was contacted and helped them through the planning, purchase, and financing of the expansion. After making a tremendous success of the Emporia facility, they made a major commitment, with David joining the business full-time in 2007. At this point they opened another gym in Burlington where they now have outgrown the original facility there and will be moving to a bigger one. Congratulations to Stacie and David on their success and what is to come!