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Kessler Kreations

2013 Existing Business of the Year

Marie Kessler started her business retailing quilting and fabric goods and services in 2005 and it soon became apparent that she needed more space to offer more fabrics and increased quilting services. Kessler Kreations was stretched to its limits and could not contain additional fabrics also presenting numerous space constraints in machine quilting services. The building next door presented an opportunity to expand, providing the room necessary for machine quilting, expanded product offerings and space to conduct quilting and sewing classes.

Through Clint Seibel, Director of Hillsboro Development Corporation, Marie connected with the ESU KSBDC and the BCC KSBDC Outreach Center for assistance in planning the expansion of her shop. The KSBDC provided a financial review of her current operations, worked on determining remodeling, inventory, and other expansion needs, and provided information on demographics and the regional market for the Hillsboro area as well as cash flow projections for the expanded store.  Along with alleviating her own space constraints, there was ample space to lease out for consignment items and a floral shop, all having a synergistic effect and creating cross-business traffic.

Marie secured financing and provided additional personal capital to buy the building, remodel, and secure the additional space identified in her plan. On September 14, 2011 her vision became reality when her new store was opened and shortly thereafter the floral shop next door was brought into existence.  Marie has increased her machine quilting services and is currently investigating hiring additional help to manage the front of the house operations and/or additional quilting services. The expanded Kessler Kreations is another great asset in downtown Hillsboro!

Persistence. The willingness to continue on when things get tough because I truly love what I do.” - Marie Kessler