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AT-HOME Health Care, Inc.

2011 Existing Business of the Year

After five years in business, Teresa and David Hurlocker are still having fun while doing what they love... helping people get better health care while staying in their own homes. Initially Teresa, a registered nurse, had several reasons for wanting to start and own this business; she wanted to see and help patients while controlling her own destiny and be able to help patients in the best way possible.  At the beginning it was a pipe dream to bring David into the business, a minister for eighteen years and a financial services director for a telecommunications company. They thought it might be possible in five to eight years but instead the business grew quickly enough to employ him full-time after only three years.

In 2006 Teresa contacted the ESU KSBDC about assistance with starting a business. She had spoken with the owners of a home health agency where she had worked as Administrator and Director of Nursing previously and asked if they thought it was really possible for her to own her own business. The answer was a definite “yes” which was the initial spark for her trek into business ownership.  She was then referred to the KSBDC by a co-worker. Teresa and David worked with the KSBDC to develop a business plan and financing proposal which helped them prepare for business ownership and approaching their lender for financing.  They successfully obtained financing and started AT-HOME Health Care at the beginning of 2007. Teresa recalls, “The KSBDC instilled confidence in us with their advice and wisdom. They helped us get on the fast track to business success. If I hadn’t listened to God sent advice and contacted the KSBDC, I’m not sure it would have happened at all.”

Today, AT-HOME Health Care has worked with over 800 clients in eleven Kansas counties. With a license to operate in thirteen counties, they are now looking at business expansion possibilities. The people of east central Kansas are very fortunate to have this faith-based, caring and competent option for medical care!