Exploring Majors Advising Syllabus


You will learn how to:

  • Understand the difference between choosing a major and planning for a career
  • Take advantage of resources and opportunities ESU has to offer
  • Navigate Emporia State’s academic policies, procedures, and deadlines


You can expect me to:

  • Help you understand the University’s academic programs, policies, and procedures
  • Discuss ways you can define and achieve your education goals
  • Help you plan your academic program and schedule appropriate courses
  • Refer you to other resources when appropriate


I will expect you to:

  • Schedule and attend advising appointments
  • Use the ESU website to explore and prepare for appointments
  • Meet with me at least twice a semester
  • Take responsibility for your education decisions


REQUIRED resources for the first year


WHEN should you make an appointment with me?

  • At least twice a semester to discuss your progress and plan next semester’s schedule
  • Anytime you have academic concerns or questions


HOW should you contact me?

            Appointments (Please cancel if you can’t make it)

  • To schedule an appointment, call 620-341-5421 or stop by Plumb Hall 106
  • Students can schedule as many appointments as necessary
  • Prepare for the meeting
    • What did you do to prepare for the discussion?
    • What do you want to accomplish in the meeting?


E-mail for short questions that require a short answer: klandweh@emporia.edu

  • Use your emporia.edu e-mail account
  • Use your full name and E# in the e-mail
  • Use a clear subject line
  • Don’t be too casual. Proofread and spell check!
  • Expect a reply but not an immediate one!