Deciding on a major is not an easy decision.

Talk with your advisor today about all of the opportunities that await you! Get involved in your education and help yourself to a career that is a good fit for you!

Strategies for Choosing a Major:

  • Explore your personal strengths and weaknesses, interests and skills
  • Talk to your academic advisor
  • Talk to professionals in your general interest areas
  • Join a student organization and participate in community service, such as volunteer work
  • Start off thinking in a broad spectrum, then narrow your focus. For example, taking core classes provides insight into many different areas of interest while accumulating credits towards a degree
  • Schedule an appointment with Career Services 620-341-5407, Memorial Union, Room #50 (basement). They will discuss your interests, your abilities, personality type, etc. To help you determine a career path.
  • Once you've met with Career Services and have explored career options, consult with your academic advisor to help analyze your degree program.