Academic Success

Being successful in college is about challenging yourself to achieve your goals. It takes time and effort, but you are not alone. The Student Advising Center is your "go-to" place. We will help you make a successful transition into college by helping you explore majors, develop study strategies, and stay organized.

One of the most common challenges for new students is learning how to study. Most students report they either did not have to study in high school, or spent very little time studying. This can be a significant stumbling block for first-year students. It is essential to develop effective study habits!

The first step is to understand how you learn (visual, auditory, kinesthetic), then adapt your study habits to fit your style so you study with your strengths.

The learning styles inventory and the study skills inventory are tools we use to help you become a more effective learner.  Simply click on the tabs to the left to get started! Once you complete the inventories, simply print off your results, bring them to the office, and we will go over them with you to get you started in the right direction.

If you would like more information, please contact me at 620-341-5421 or via email at

Dr. Shelly Gehrke
Assistant Vice President for Academic Success